How To Sell Gift Card On Pecktrad

Register an account on the platform and proceed to login. Enter your correct email address, phone number and a password you can remember. You will receive a welcome email once registration is done.


– Once you are on the dashboard, click any of the “SELL GIFT CARD” buttons to initiate a trade.


– Select any of the gift card options you have to trade. You will be required to input your bank details before trading because payment is sent to your specified bank account once the trade is completed.



– Enter your trade details, including amount, select bank details, gift card picture and an optional comment.


– Wait a few minutes for verification. The wait time depends on the type of card. iTunes, Amazon, steam, google play and other similar cards take within 5-10 minutes. Gift cards like apple store, Sephora, Walmart e.t.c take within 15-60 minutes.


– Payment is sent once the card is successfully verified. You will receive an email notification once the trade is completed.


– Leave a review after the completed trade.


– If you have any question concerning this, contact us using the live chat on the website.



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